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Adam’s Rehab – BJJ Competition Time

One week before the Vic Champs, Adam’s shoulder popped out (then back in) when trying to escape from a triangle.  Check out the previous blog post detailing his rehab before the competition. Now the Vic Champs have finished up and Adam absolutely smashed it!  Placed 4th overall and managed to pull off a brutal kimura.  Have a look below for some pictures from the event.

Getting Started
It's Getting Serious

That's a Wrap

Winner - of course his shoulder doesn't hurt now

I’ll be posting updates on Rita and Rob next week so stay tuned.


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Rob’s Rehab – Biceps Tear 11 Weeks Post Surgery

Bicep 1 Month After Surgery

Rob torn his left bicep 12 weeks whilst throwing a punch in sparring.  Freakish accident really.  The first 11 weeks post surgery involved 3 weeks in a half cast, then 8 weeks of range of motion exercises at the elbow.  Now he is 11 weeks post surgery and is able to start strengthening his bicep.  Rob wants to get back to sparring boxing/ muay thai at full speed, BJJ and motorbike riding.

I think the biggest challenge for Rob will be to slow down and not rush his rehab too much.  He told me he broke his cast because he was moving it so much!  Another thing Rob mentioned was that whenever someone tells him he can’t do something, he will definitely try and do it.  I’m exactly the same, so I reckon instead of saying “no sparring for 6 weeks”, I’ll have to get Rob to weight up the pros and cons and make his own decision.

How’s the left bicep at the moment?

  • Movement at the elbow is normal.
  • Bicep strength is pretty good considering he hasn’t really used it for 12 weeks.  Obviously the left side is weaker but the strength will be back to normal in the next 6-8 weeks.
  • Able to throw hooks and straight punches at 75% speed with no worries.

Plan of Attack

  • Physiotherapy 2 x per week to make sure the exercises are okay and to progress them when they get too easy.  I’ll probably be reminding Rob that he is still recovering from surgery and that full speed sparring is not a good idea at the moment (Rob may/may not tell me to F off :)).
  • Independent exercise program, see video below.  At the moment we are focusing on exercises that isolate the biceps, so that it can be as strong as the other side.  In a month we’ll move onto exercises involving the whole arm to make things more functional as you rarely use the biceps muscle in isolation (except when defending an arm bar).
  • Rob will also be doing some general fitness stuff with ” Master of the Choke” Tyrone Crosse and light boxing with Sam (no funny nickname yet).

Rough Timeline

-In 4 weeks start more exciting exercises such as assisted pull ups, pushups etc.

-In 6 weeks back to full speed sparring and BJJ.  It’s going to be a struggle to persuade Rob to wait this long but I’ll try my best.

-In 9-12 weeks Rob will probably back to full power with boxing.

I’ll keep you updated with Rob’s progress.



Special Thanks to Crosse Training, check them out.

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Adam’s Rehab – Popped Shoulder 1 Week Before BJJ Comp

Adam partially dislocated, or subluxed, his right shoulder when trying to pull his arm out of a triangle.  This happened on Monday 16 April, 1 week before the Victorian BJJ Championships.  There is no chance Adam will be missing this competition so I have to help him manage this injury and beat up the other white belts that are unlucky enough to be versing him.

What’s Adam having trouble with now?

  • Unable to grapple at 100% intensity because of shoulder pain and weakness.
  • Painful to lift right arm above 90 degrees.
  • Possibly freaking out about going into his first BJJ competition? Knowing Adam probably not.

Plan of Attack

  • Applying ice on the shoulder as often as possible until the comp.
  • Shoulder blade exercise.  Aiming to retrain the proper biomechanics that have been disrupted because of the shoulder subluxation.  More on this in a future post.
  • Strapping the shoulder to prevent it from subluxing again and to relieve some pain when he lifts his arm up.  Below shows how I strapped Adam’s shoulder.

1. I got Adam to put his hand on his hip “like a little teapot short and …”  Then I attached the first anchor on the bicep.

2. Second anchor over the shoulder vertically, making sure that he has good posture with shoulder blades back.  If you want to be mean go over the nipple.  Lucky for Adam I am a nice bloke.

3. Form an X over the shoulder.  This is to help keep the humerus (arm bone) in the shoulder joint.

4. Starting from the front then going to the back pull the shoulder backwards.  This is to help prevent the shoulder popping out forwards.

5. Lock everything off.  At the front, back (as shown in the above picture) and bicep.  So that the tape doesn’t come off as quickly.

I probably don’t have to say this but I will just in case someone says “I hurt my shoulder and this taping is BS, it doesn’t work”.  This method of taping is specifically designed to prevent shoulders popping out in a forwards direction.  If you are unsure of how to tape your shoulder then see a physio.  Or I’m sure there’s a guy at your gym that always gives out medical/injury advice (which may/may not be correct) that you can ask.

I’ll let you guys know how Adam does in the competition.  But I’ll leave you with this sexy picture.


The Champ
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