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Rita’s Rehab – Leg Fracture 1 Month Out Of Plaster

Rita has definitely surprised me this past month.  Her recovery has been a lot quicker than I expected.  After 1 week she was already walking without crutches and continues to improve her ankle movement/strength.  I’d be more than happy for her to continue to surpass my expectations!

Rita’s progress so far:

  • Walking without crutches and with no limp.
  • Heaps more movement in the ankle (as shown below).

Week 1, 2 , 4. Definitely more movement.

Exercise Program:

  • Week 2 – in the video below.
  • Week 4 – changed double leg heel raise to single leg as the exercise was getting too easy.

I know I promised a hydrotherapy video for you guys this week but I lied.  The video quality was too poor.  Soon I will be blogging about a wrestler recovering from a leg fracture (what a coincidence) and I’ll make sure I post up his hydrotherapy video.

Anyway Rita hasn’t been to the hydrotherapy pool since our first session 2 weeks ago.  Mainly because of the inconvenience.  Instead she has been doing her ankle range of motion exercises in her spa.  If her ankle movements/strength were not improving then I’d really be pushing her to get into the pool.  But she is improving a lot quicker than I expected so exercises in the hydrotherapy pool are not absolutely necessary at this stage.


In 2 weeks – Review with her doctor.  They will probably take an x-ray to see how the fracture is healing.  If it is healing well then Rita will be able to start light jogging.

In 6-8 weeks – Normal running.

In 8-10 weeks – Back to BJJ.

I’ll keep you updated with the progress.


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