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Aaron’s Rehab – Leg Fracture 6 Weeks Out Of Cast

Aaron fractured his right tibia 16 weeks ago during wrestling training.  Another wrestler fell on his leg and Aaron felt a snap.  At the time we thought he was being soft and told him to walk it off and keep training.  Pretty soon we realised it was something serious.  The next day we found out it was a clean break…  In hindsight probably not the best advice I’ve given.

He ended in a plaster cast for 10 weeks.  A bit longer than expected as the bone was healing very slowly.  However once the cast came off (6 weeks ago) his recovery has been ridiculously quick, easily the fastest I’ve seen.

Progress so far:

  • 1 week out of cast – walking without crutches.
  • 2-3 weeks out of cast – wrestling on the floor, so starting from the knees.
  • 3 weeks out of cast – full ankle range of motion, back to wrestling from standing.  Below is an example of a quick wrestling shot Aaron was able to do after 3 weeks.

  • 6 weeks out of cast  – xray showed that the bone is healing well.  Wrestling 4 x a week.  He’s been pulling up sore ++ so we’ve been doing recovery sessions at the beach once a week as shown below.

Physiotherapy exercises for the first 3 weeks included ankle range of motion exercises and calf strengthening, as shown in this video.  Aaron also attended hydrotherapy which involved the previous exercises, as well as general lower conditioning (such as running, swimming, kicking).

The World Junior Wrestling Championships will be held in Thailand in September this year.  To qualify you had to have won your junior division in this year’s national championships.  Unluckily Aaron couldn’t compete because of his leg fracture but he will be challenging the current Australian champ for his weight division.  If he wins (I probably should say when he wins) he’ll be off to Thailand for the championships.

We are not sure when Aaron will be challenging the current champ, he’ll be training hard in the meantime and I’ll keep you updated with his progress.


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