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Rita’s Rehab – Leg Fracture 15 Weeks Out Of Plaster

Hey guys, just keeping youse updated with Rita’s progress.  She finished a 5km fun run on the weekend.  It’s an awesome achievement and I look forward to see her go after more sporting challenges in the future.


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Rita’s rehab – Leg Fracture 12 weeks out of plaster

Rita taking on National BJJ and Wrestling Champ Louise - 7 weeks out of cast

Hey guys, I’ll update youse on Rita’s progress.  It’s been a long process for her and it’s great to see Rita get back to BJJ and running.

Timeline of progress:

  • 18 weeks ago fractured her right tibia/fibula bones.  No surgery required, put into a cast for 6 weeks.
  • 12 weeks ago cast removed.  Started physiotherapy. Walking with 2 crutches.
  • 11 weeks ago walking without crutches.
  • 6 weeks ago xray showed bones 60% healed.  Back to BJJ  – light training.
  • This week final xray showed bones have fused together.  Doctor has given the all clear to start running.

Rita has done well and returned to BJJ a lot quicker than I expected.  She is keen to have a rematch with Brian “The Shark” Morley.  Word on the street is that Brian is scared and has been avoiding Rita on the mats!  When they do eventually rematch I’ll get some video footage.


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