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Fight Physio Podcast #1 – Strength and Conditioning with Willmax Performance

WillmaxHello everyone, check out my first podcast.  I’m very excited to start podcasting and will be producing a lot more in the future.

Willmax is joining me today and we had a good chat about strength and conditioning.

We covered:

  • Importance of specificity with strength training.
  • Strength training for BJJ players.
  • Strength training for hypertrophy vs sport specific strength.
  • Training your nervous system and the psychological aspect of strength training.

Let me know what you think and if you have any topics or questions you want me to cover just leave a message below.

Until next time.



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BJJ Elbow Taping Post Arm Bar


Hey guys, this video is for anyone recovering after hyperextending their elbow.  We all know that we should tap early but sometimes our egos get the better of us. This taping will allow you to keep rolling, while at the same time preventing your elbow from hyperextending.

Below is a step by step guide to the BJJ elbow taping:

1. Attach anchors.

BJJ Elbow Tape 12. Make sure your elbow is slightly bent.  Form an X  and one vertical strip over the elbow to prevent it from hyperextending.BJJ Elbow Tape 23. Lock off the tapping by applying the anchors again.

BJJ Elbow Tape 3That’s it.  Pretty easy.  Now I’m assuming that you haven’t fractured your elbow or torn any ligaments.  So see your doctor first if there is any swelling, throbbing pain or pain with all elbow movements.

Comment below if you want me to shoot more taping videos.



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BJJ Travel Hacks – Avoiding Jet Lag

Hey guys, this post is for anyone travelling to Brazil for BJJ.  The video covers what to do on the plane to prevent jet lag.  Last year I traveled to Brazil. I stayed at Connection Rio and trained at Gordo Jiu Jitsu. I used these BJJ travel hacks to to eliminate jet lag and get on the mats straight away!

You don’t want to lose a few days of BJJ training.  Have a plan so that you can jump straight on the mat off the plane.

Here’s a summary of the video:


You can take Vitamin D, Vitamin C and Lysine.  All of these will help boost your immune system so that you don’t catch a cold on the flight.


A lot of people forget this.  The air on the plane is very dehydrating.  Aim for 1 cup of water every hour you’re awake.


You will be ridiculously stiff and sore after your plane flight if you don’t move around.  Prioritise loosening up your calves, hamstrings, gluts, back and neck.  I’ll go through a set of stretches you can do on the plane and once you arrive in Brazil in a future post.


From personal experience if I don’t get at least 6 hours of sleep a night I’m wrecked the next day.  Everybody is different and require different amounts of sleep.  But if your trip (including stop overs) is 35+ hours and you don’t sleep, you’ll be a mess for the first few days in Brazil.  This is common sense; make sure you have ear plugs and a face mask.


If you eat crap food you will be more likely to catch a cold and get jet lag.  Eat a balanced diet, give your body the nutrients it needs to fight off infection and jet lag.

All of the above are aiming to boost your immune system so that you can avoid jet lag.  Accept that long flights increase your risk of getting sick and plan to minimise this.  I’d hate to waste 2-3 days of my 2 week trip to Brazil because I’m jet lagged.

More BJJ Travel Hacks blog posts are on their way. If you are interested in traveling and training in Brazil check out Connection Rio. Talk to Dennis and he will organise everything for you.



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