BJJ Elbow Taping Post Arm Bar


Hey guys, this video is for anyone recovering after hyperextending their elbow.  We all know that we should tap early but sometimes our egos get the better of us. This taping will allow you to keep rolling, while at the same time preventing your elbow from hyperextending.

Below is a step by step guide to the BJJ elbow taping:

1. Attach anchors.

BJJ Elbow Tape 12. Make sure your elbow is slightly bent.  Form an X  and one vertical strip over the elbow to prevent it from hyperextending.BJJ Elbow Tape 23. Lock off the tapping by applying the anchors again.

BJJ Elbow Tape 3That’s it.  Pretty easy.  Now I’m assuming that you haven’t fractured your elbow or torn any ligaments.  So see your doctor first if there is any swelling, throbbing pain or pain with all elbow movements.

Comment below if you want me to shoot more taping videos.



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