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2013 Deaflympics Bulgaria

Hello everyone,  from July 20 to August 8 I was in Bulgaria as the Australian Deaflympic Team Physiotherapist.  I had so much fun!  I learnt plenty of Australian Sign Language (Auslan) and made a lot of friends.

My typical day consisted of:

  • 7am – Team Meeting
  • 8am – Breakfast at the hotel
  • 9-11 am – Physiotherapy with tennis/swimmers/athletics athletes
  • 11-12pm – Nap!
  • 12-1pm – Lunch at the hotel
  • 1-3pm – Physiotherapy with the swimmers
  • 3-7pm – Free time, I typically explored the city.
  • 7-8pm – Dinner at the hotel
  • 8-10pm – Physiotherapy with the swimmers and tennis players
  • 10pm-late – Bulgarian Nightlife.  Imagine a street filled with gypsies, mafia and 2000+ Deaf people.  It was ridiculously fun times.

Check out some of my pictures.

Tennis Team

Top Left Jamie: One of the most hillarious guys I’ve ever met.  Every single time I was around him I was laughing.

Top Centre Stephen: Top bloke.  The veteran of the team.

Top Right David:  Team manager.  Kept the team out of trouble.

Bottom Left John: This guy needs to write a book or blog.  Loves the inspirational quotes.

Bottom Centre Me

Bottom Right Glen:  Absolute machine.  Played probably 8 games of tennis in 10 days.  He did not appreciate the cold showers I put him through hahha.

Amy Mills

Amy Mills – javelin gold medalist.  Was coming 4th up until her last throw.  Smashed her personal best by 3 metres to win gold.  Top effort.

I definitely miss Bulgaria.  The next Deaflympics will be in Turkey 2017.

I’ve got some big blog posts coming up so stay tuned.

Do skoro (bye in Bulgarian),


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FightPhysio Sponsors Nick Mann for OneFC

Nick Mann takes on Gregor Gracie tonight in the Philippines at OneFC.  Massive opportunity for Nick against a big name opponent.

I’ve been helping Nick with his recovery between training sessions and he’s looking good for the biggest match of his career.

Guys who do you have winning this fight and how? Post your predictions below.

War Nick!


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