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Fight Physio Podcast #4 – Life Balance with 3 Time Olympic Wrestler Ali Abdo

377941_10150497890111357_171506520_nHey guys, big podcast today.  Ali Abdo from Avesenna is joining me for the podcast.  He is a 3 time Olympic Wrestler and is preparing for the Commonwealth Games in Scotland this year.  Not only is he one of Australia’s top wrestlers, but he is also an Osteopath.  He has a holistic approach to health and goes through how he balances work, life and training.

We covered:

  • Core principles for staying healthy.
  • Training preparation for the Commonwealth Games.
  • Nutrition during a weight cut.
  • Relaxation strategies.
  • The role of osteopathy.

Ali in action:

So excited to release this podcast.  Ali definitely practises what he preaches.  Check out his page Avesenna for more information.

Until next time.



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Fight Physio Podcast #3 – Over Training with Willmax Performance

380647_10151104464613767_314178624_nHey guys, today we are talking about Over Training with my good mate WillMax.

We covered:

  • How to avoid over training.
  • The effects of over training on the hormonal system.
  • How mental stress plays a role in over training.
  • The role of supplements for the highly stressed and overworked athlete.

As always another interesting podcast with WillMax.  Stay tuned for more podcasts in the future.

Until next time.



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Rob’s Rehab – Biceps Tear 11 Weeks Post Surgery

Bicep 1 Month After Surgery

Rob torn his left bicep 12 weeks whilst throwing a punch in sparring.  Freakish accident really.  The first 11 weeks post surgery involved 3 weeks in a half cast, then 8 weeks of range of motion exercises at the elbow.  Now he is 11 weeks post surgery and is able to start strengthening his bicep.  Rob wants to get back to sparring boxing/ muay thai at full speed, BJJ and motorbike riding.

I think the biggest challenge for Rob will be to slow down and not rush his rehab too much.  He told me he broke his cast because he was moving it so much!  Another thing Rob mentioned was that whenever someone tells him he can’t do something, he will definitely try and do it.  I’m exactly the same, so I reckon instead of saying “no sparring for 6 weeks”, I’ll have to get Rob to weight up the pros and cons and make his own decision.

How’s the left bicep at the moment?

  • Movement at the elbow is normal.
  • Bicep strength is pretty good considering he hasn’t really used it for 12 weeks.  Obviously the left side is weaker but the strength will be back to normal in the next 6-8 weeks.
  • Able to throw hooks and straight punches at 75% speed with no worries.

Plan of Attack

  • Physiotherapy 2 x per week to make sure the exercises are okay and to progress them when they get too easy.  I’ll probably be reminding Rob that he is still recovering from surgery and that full speed sparring is not a good idea at the moment (Rob may/may not tell me to F off :)).
  • Independent exercise program, see video below.  At the moment we are focusing on exercises that isolate the biceps, so that it can be as strong as the other side.  In a month we’ll move onto exercises involving the whole arm to make things more functional as you rarely use the biceps muscle in isolation (except when defending an arm bar).
  • Rob will also be doing some general fitness stuff with ” Master of the Choke” Tyrone Crosse and light boxing with Sam (no funny nickname yet).

Rough Timeline

-In 4 weeks start more exciting exercises such as assisted pull ups, pushups etc.

-In 6 weeks back to full speed sparring and BJJ.  It’s going to be a struggle to persuade Rob to wait this long but I’ll try my best.

-In 9-12 weeks Rob will probably back to full power with boxing.

I’ll keep you updated with Rob’s progress.



Special Thanks to Crosse Training, check them out.



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